Who is Niamh Darby? All About Me!


I have only just realised after a year and a bit of blogging…I haven’t properly introduced myself to you lovely lot.

I sincerely apologise.


Introducing me…

…just a tad late, in true Niamh fashion!

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Hello, I’m Niamh Darby, currently 21 years old and studying Media Production: Journalism at York St John University. I live in York with my parents and it’s where I have spent the majority of my life. I was born in Sunderland back in 1997...not that long ago…and moved to a little market town called Guisborough when I was around 4 or 5. My grandparents, Aunty and little cousin still live there now…hence why I still find myself calling it home! 


Why I started blogging…

…all the way back in April 2018!

I have had previous blogs before Indigo Violet Diaries but they never really took off. I thought blogging would just be a nice little side project while at uni and working in the journalism sector but it’s turned into so much more. I love blogging about every little thing as one day I can look back and think “oh remember when Josh and I went there” or “god that was a good make up product”.

I don’t want to come across as a somewhat robotic blogger…I like to give the upmost honest opinion about anything so if I come across a bit brutal, I apologise but I don’t want to sugar coat anything – especially if it’s a review. I always ask my parents or Josh’s input for reviews, just in case!

You never know where this could lead one day…


Familiar faces…

…get to know my lot!

This lovely fella is my lad Josh.

We’ve been the best of friends since March 2016…but only got together October last year. We met at work and hit it off straight away – we always laugh at how we met and how quickly we became so close, especially since I was (and still am) an awkward bean around new people.  I proper friendzoned him in front of everyone at our first work Christmas do together…oops, but in my defence, he was PLASTERED so I didn’t know if he was being serious or not. Couple of years later, we were bowling a few days after my 21st and one of our good friends asked us if we were going on ‘mate dates’ or ‘date dates’…and that was it!

I can’t wait for the adventure we have ahead of us.

Say hey to Jake, Will and my little cousin Bradley.

I actually met Jake and Josh through Will at work. I’ve known Will for yeaaaaaars. Poor lad. We are total Marvel geeks so you can guarantee to find us quoting Endgame 24/7! I have a lot of love for all these lads but for Will especially as when Grandma Ivison died, I went to work the next day (like an IDIOT) but he came, picked me up and made sure I was alright. What a legend – in many ways. He also got me my job…so I really have Will to thank for Josh and I.

Jake is a legend, always there if you need a good rant about the daftest things. He listens and that’s so important. He works in a pub and restaurant which hosts a quiz night every Wednesday so to brighten up his shift Josh and I sometimes make an appearance. He’s our favourite third wheel, ha! I love how sometimes when friendships turn into something more, the others in the friendship group sometimes change but not with Will and Jake. They actually went “FINALLY” when Josh and I told them about us!

DISCLAIMER: Will and Jake are NOT brothers even though they do look like it…

Finally, my little cousin Bradley.

No words can describe how much I love that little cuddle monster. For 18 years, I was the youngest member of the Darby family so when little legs came along I was so happy. He turns four this month and it’s been amazing to watch him grow up and pick up some of my mannerisms. I’m also VERY HAPPY Josh and Bradley are the best of friends too! Whenever I visit without Josh, I always get “where’s Joshy?”, what a cutie. I would honestly do anything for him – he’s my sidekick for life!


See you on Monday!

Lots of love




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