Stay At Home Date Nights


A social or romantic appointment or engagement.

Not all dates have to be expensive or in fancy places. It’s just enjoying each other’s company…as cheesy as that sounds.

Here’s ten affordable dates that won’t break the bank.

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This is Josh and I’s fave date at home.

If Josh is coming to mine and is finishing quite late, we don’t usually like going out and waiting for food, especially when we’ve been having this horrible weather. Sometimes we just like to chill, watch a few episodes of Gogglebox and enjoy our fakeaway. Now, you might be wondering what on Earth a fakeaway is, WELL, it’s basically a supermarket version of your favourite takeaway and a little cheaper too. Places like ASDA and Tesco tend to do the best ones in our opinion but we are also a fan of a takeout Nandos…even though I can only handle the lemon and herb marinade HA, and at least it’s a tad healthier than a full-blown takeaway.


Games Night

We had one of these on our Center Parcs getaway.

Josh and I keep meaning to host a games night with the boys as we really enjoyed having a few drinks, popping the telly on for background sound and getting really competitive with UNO. I managed to find it fairly cheap on Amazon* and they suggested a few more games like it so I’ve created a wish list with games which look interesting and both two or four people can play them…we can’t forget about our lads! Why not set everyone tasks to find the most obscure drinks and snacks to compliment your night – even more competition?


Pamper Night


I’ve always wanted to have a pamper night with Josh and to be fair, ages ago he said he wouldn’t mind doing it…so I’m holding him to that. (I’m saying this because he’s started properly reading my blogs now, ha!) I wouldn’t mind just popping a facemask on, chillaxing for fifteen minutes snuggled into a blanket while planning little adventures and then spending the rest of the evening watching a newfound favourite. I love how brands either do unisex or gender-specific facemasks for different skin types. Also, I plan to make Josh a little stayover pack for when he sleeps at mine so he doesn’t have to keep lugging all of his toiletries all over the place.


Tasting Night

Cheese, gin, chocolate…ooh, the options are endless.

Ooh, I’d probs have all three…or have three separate dates? I think the gin one would be preferred for Josh and me because I received 100 gins to try scratch-off poster* for my birthday and I haven’t even made a proper dint in it yet! Whenever Josh and I go for a drink before a meal on date night, we always try and get one of the gins from my poster. I can’t wait to finish it and frame it and use it in the kitchen one day. I think the same company does a cheese one too, ooh, we do love a bit of cheese. I don’t know what my favourite is though…possibly goats, maybe port salut.


Movie Night

Pick an old favourite.

My all-time favourite film is Matilda. I LOVE IT. I used to watch it multiple times IN A DAY with my Aunty when I was younger, now I just tease her with it some days, ha! Especially on pancake day, I always send the pancake scene to her…it’s our thing. My second fave is Mrs. Doubtfire and I’m very lucky to have someone who shares my love for this film – we quote it daily. I say the perfect movie night included pyjamas, blankets, LOADS of snacks and your fave person…just remember to keep the remote close by to pause for toilet breaks and drink refills.


Binge Watch

Find something someone at work has been raving about.

This is the one Josh and I tend to do a lot as it’s the only option we have at the moment, which isn’t going out drinking or for food, ha! I usually pop my MacBook on my lap tray and just let Netflix decide what we want to watch. I want to watch The Stranger but Josh did the ultimate betrayal and watched it without me…and told me what happens. Thanks pet. Anyway…I need to make a list of the shows we keep meaning to watch TOGETHER. At the moment, we’ve enjoyed watching old Gogglebox episodes on Amazon Prime, to be honest, we’ve only done it while I’ve still got my student perks…they end in May, waah!


Bucket List

Josh and I have TONS of these.

So far, we have a bucket list for restaurants in town we haven’t visited yet, afternoon teas to do, holidays to go, boxsets to watch and a weird one, a couple Halloween outfits bucket list. I mean Josh and I have decided we are endgame so we might as well plan ahead. I think this year we’re going to go as either Danny and Sandy or Beetlejuice…either would be great to show off my natural hair, haha! We really LOVE going for afternoon tea, especially when family has bought it as a gift for us. It’s a proper Niamh and Josh thing and I love getting all dressed up and going out with my fave. Like I said before boxsets are kind of our thing too.

We love going to new restaurants but you do have to plan in advance with Josh…he needs to thoroughly browse the menu and decide if he’s wanting either a starter or dessert. The struggle is real. This year, Josh and I are going back to Center Parcs but this time with the boys and we’re hoping to plan a trip to London after I graduate, as Josh has never been before so I’m really excited to go full-on tourist.


Recreate Your First Date

Hmm, depending on what you did!

Josh and I’s first date was at the cinema to go and see Johnny English 3. Fancy, I know. But to be fair, we both hadn’t been on a date before so we didn’t know how this thing went, ha! Neither of us can remember if we went for food before or after or where we went, but we didn’t scare each other off so that’s good! I’ve still got the ticket, in fact I keep a memento from all the things we do together – I’ve got the wristband from when we went ice skating in January. I’ve bought an Instax Mini 9 camera and I plan to take photos from big events like birthdays and anniversaries, so I will have one of a kind photos to treasure.



Get rid of that tweet, it can wait until later.

I tend now to check my phone as often as I used to when Josh and I first got together. we just enjoy making inside jokes and we actually do enjoy each other’s company. I mean these dates can all be done without a phone…apart from the next one, but I say take at least two photos at important events or gatherings to make memories and then put that phone away. You could miss something important!



Nothing says true love like a shared Spotify playlist.

Josh and I have one and I love seeing him listen to it when he’s driving at work, it’s just a nice feeling, you know? I’ve made it on Spotify with a cute lil photo of us as the cover, I won’t share it as it’s our own little thing. He keeps saying he thinks of songs to add on that I might like and I do the same for him, even though I do add some right cheesy songs, ha!


See you soon,




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  1. 13/03/2020 / 9:49 am

    These are all lovely ideas! At home date nights can be just as lovely 🙂 x

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