My Simple Everyday Make Up

Back with the makeup chatty posts, so grab a cuppa.

I do this look every. single. day…but it does add a bit of sparkle to my day!

P.S: some products are marked with a * and in italics because they include an affiliate link as I’m trying out a new affiliate program.


Base, Face & Brows

To prime my face, I’ve recently started using Smashbox’s Photo Finish primer*. At first, I thought it smelt a bit funky but I think it’s just a new product smell – it does a brill job of smoothing any pores and imperfections on my face before I apply my foundation. I originally bought a travel set from ASOS with two other priming products from Smashbox but the product that stood out the most was the gel primer. I just apply this product with my fingers because it’s a lot quicker than faffing around with a brush.

For foundation, I’m savouring the last bottles of Maybelline’s Dream Satin Liquid foundation* as I think they’ve discontinued my shade and/or the product, I can’t find anywhere apart from Tesco or Amazon, so no extra Boots advantage points for me, waah. I love this formula as it isn’t heavy on your skin and it’s an exact match to my skin tone which is really rare for me to find as I’m quite a pale lady, ha! It doesn’t oxidise either AND it doesn’t budge during the day. I use a cheap Superdrug foundation brush to put the product on and then I use a Real Techniques ‘Blend & Blur All Over’ brush* to smooth it out.

Brows are just a nightmare for me. I feel like I look ridiculous when my brows are done ‘properly’ or even if I just leave them in their unruly state. However, I do brush Benefit’s Gimme Brow +* through my brows to somewhat shape them. Eek, I don’t have the confidence to pluck them or to even go for an appointment…even though Josh and the boys take the mickey out of them sometimes but tbh, it’s an imperfection that I don’t really care about.


Eyes, Blush & Highlight

I’ve started priming my eyes with ASOS Design eye primer which I got in a makeup haul of theirs early last year but it seems they have stopped this product as I can’t find a link for it. It feels really weird and wet on the eyelids to start with and it takes it’s time to absorb in, but teamed with Laura Mercier’s Velvet Shadow Stick in ‘Corfu’ as a starting colour, it’s ace. It adds a darker backing to the sparkle of MAC’s ‘Honey Lust’* (part of their Warm Neutrals & Burgundy Times Nine palettes) that I just LOVE.

For under eyes, I use Corfu again along with Rimmel’s Scandaleyes Kohl Liner in brown* and NYX’s Metallic Eyeliner in Copper. Mascara wise I’ve fallen in love with Soap and Glory’s Thick & Fast High Definition mascara, it doesn’t clump your lashes and it works wonders on bottom lashes too!

Soap & Glory’s Love at First Blush powder is a heaven-sent for pale complexions as it doesn’t overpower on the pink shades and blends AMAZINGLY. To add a little more sparkle, I use MAC’s Cream Colour Base in ‘Shell’* for a paler shine.

C’est fini!


See you soon,




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