New Beginnings in Strange Times


I’m actually writing this blog a couple of weeks before it’s published which is a change for me as I am usually planned well in advance but I guess the world had other plans…bloody Corona. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, you probably know most of what is going to be said in this post but you can still have a browse!

I am yet to have a haircut but I’ve grown to love my longer hair so I’m just going to opt for a tidy up!


To Be Furloughed or Not To Be Furloughed…

As I mentioned in previous posts, I was furloughed during this pandemic, which quite frankly was brill until a month in. I was getting used to being really lazy and getting up at god knows what time as I had completed university too. Thankfully, my manager rang me in the first week of July and asked if I wanted to stay on furlough or come back to work so I jumped at the chance of being back with everyone again…at an appropriate distance of course.

I absolutely adore my job and my team so for me, being furloughed and not being able to see them was horrible, but my first shift back was just like we hadn’t left. Alice, Chris, and I kept in contact via video calls every so often so we had some sort of normality in our lives, and the team was very active on the group chat, all checking up on each other. While it did feel the same going back, it’s very different. Especially with the new government rules regarding face masks and social distancing, you’ll be surprised how many people aren’t practicing this. And yes, we have had to tell people to leave if they try to get in the shop without a mask, which is very cheeky. We now have to stay on our stations and swap every hour so that we don’t get too bored and it gives a little bit of change too.

We’ve been back at work just over a month now and the team is gradually being brought back from furlough too so it’s so nice to actually be able to see them in the flesh and catch up properly PLUS Marty’s work, which is literally a two-minute walk from my work, has just been refurbished and rebranded and it’s so much better than what it was. It’s been great to meet up with Marty weekly at the summer tipi and I’ve managed to blag my way into reviewing his pub so keep your eyes peeled!


Josh and I

Lockdown has been pretty tough for Josh and I to have some quality date nights or just time together, as I’m writing this we haven’t seen each other in a couple of weeks! So when the restaurants opened just in time for Josh’s birthday a few weeks ago, we jumped at the chance to book a table at one of our faves…nope not Gusto, it’s still not open yet! We went to Rustique, which is a little hidden away gem in our beautiful city, don’t worry, the review is coming soon! In fact, he booked his whole birthday week off so we saw each other literally every day all day that week which was lush.

Monday was his actual birthday so we went to Rustique and the Tipi. Wednesday was mainly a day of catch-ups with our friend Lauren and with the boys too. We went to my local restaurant-style pub, The Fox and Roman, for a meal and the service was appalling, we were so disappointed. It felt like they were rushing us out and didn’t give us their full attention, to be honest, we expected a lot more. Thursday was very fun as we went strawberry picking! It was such a miserable day but every pick your own station was undercover – it’s the best activity to social distance too!







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