My Realistic Morning and Evening Routine

For anyone who struggles with mornings.

Here’s a routine you can actually stick to and it won’t feel like a chore.



I’ve started waking up a few minutes before I actually need to get up so I am ready to actually get my butt into gear. However when the butt is in gear…I don’t know why I chose this expression…I will pop downstairs and make myself a cup of tea to give me some caffeine. I best not get into the habit of telling Josh I do this otherwise he’ll expect it’s a given if we move in together…only joking! I stick on an episode of Gogglebox while I do my skincare regime, get dressed and do my face. That usually takes me about half an hour but I’m hoping to cut that down the more I get into the rhythm of this routine.

My skincare actually takes a bit longer than everything else because of the volume of products I use, oops! I use a facial foam cleanser, cleansing and toning lotion with my moisturiser and if needed, a spot wand to combat pesky spots. They’re all from Boots Tea Tree & Witch Hazel range and I’ve been using them since I was 13, thanks Nana for buying me the kit for my birthday that year. My make up doesn’t take that long – my eyes probably take up the most time, ha! My new year’s resolution this year was and still is to drink more water. I’ve got two Chilly’s bottles that gather dust so my mission is to drink at least three of those a day and to be fair, I’m doing it. Especially at work and at Christmas time when I was losing my voice!

Once I’m ready to face the day, I usually ponder on Facebook and Insta and check my bus times, but, get this, I’ve started to walk to the furthest bus stop which takes me into the city centre so I can get some steps in before work or uni because I’m usually either sat down in lectures or stood at a till pricing items. I’m not complaining at all, I love my job and adore everyone I work with, but some days it can be a bit tedious if I haven’t moved about that much. I tend to go for a walk for half of my lunch break if I get an hour, so I can give myself a boost and a little leg workout – it’s not much but it’s better than nothing.



Yay, the day is done! When I get home I usually whip off my clothes and get straight into my pyjamas because I’m always tired after a long day. I’ve bought myself a whiteboard so I can plan my week but I update it daily as plans tend to change! Josh and I don’t live together yet so I pop our plans on the board too so I know what my evening consists of! Last year, we were going out at least four times a week for food or bowling but this year we’ve decided to keep it to about two times a week because of money more than anything, ha!

I do the same skincare routine as in the morning but I change to my night moisturiser after I’ve taken my make up off. God, what an actual chore that is. I mean I do sometimes wonder if it is the effort to put it on if I’m just going to take it off again in eight hours time. I do grab a shower if I can be bothered in the evening if I’ve got to be up earlish in the morning. I’ve invested in a ‘quick-drying’ hair turban, and to be perfectly honest, it does what it says on the tin! It’s from Soap and Glory and it’s ace! It really does help when you’ve got to do your face or can’t be fussed using a hairdryer.

I aim to get to sleep for about 10:30ish but you know what it’s like when you’re scrolling through Pinterest and get caught up planning the 21st party for someone who doesn’t even exist…no? Just me? One of my new year’s resolutions was to read a bit more before going to sleep as I have a better night’s sleep but that’s lasted two days…oops!

And that’s it!

Oh, always start and end the day with a cup of tea. That’s my advice!


See you soon,




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