Minimalistic Ways To Put Your Wellbeing First


“The state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy.”

Tips & tricks for a happier, healthier YOU.


Stay offline for a day

I know it might sound mental now but it will really help your mindset. I try to have a couple of hours without my phone or laptop per week and it really does help. I find myself spending more time on social media than I do on uni work so it’s really bad for me.

This year I will try and stay offline as much as possible and only post when necessary, like if it’s a birthday outing or a big event. I used to be really good with Facebook where I would only post every so often but since I’ve been going out with the lads and Josh my posting has increased…I guess they are bad influences!

So I suggest staying offline at least once a week or if you think that will be difficult, that’s okay, just try once every two weeks. You could also try going without your phone like me for a few hours at least – get into a routine of doing it. A good way to see if you are spending a lot of time on your social media or phone is either using Apple’s Screen Time feature or downloading an app that will analyze your phone usage.

*Little side note: I feel like I’ve typed the words ‘social media’ so many times this past month because of my dissertation…I never want to see them again, ha!*


Purge your wardrobe

Ahh, new clothes! I know most people do ‘no spend January’ but c’mon…all the shops have sales on! I got some really good bargains in the Jack Wills sale a few weeks ago, a top and a hoodie and it only came to £50 which for JW is quite bloody good! Especially since they’ve stopped doing student discount…not bitter about that AT ALL.

Anyhoo…pop on some music. Open your wardrobe. Have a charity bag handy. Go through all your tees, jumpers, vests, etc. and if you haven’t worn them for a good six months or year, get rid. You’ll be surprised how much space you will free up and it will go to a good home if you pop them in a charity bag.

You’ll feel so much better after you have a clear-out and if you make a morning or afternoon of it, it won’t feel like a chore. I know some people say you should do this once every couple of months but who actually has the time to do that, ha?! Once you’ve cleared out a bit of space, you could get a head start with organizing your drawers into categories…or that might just be me being very OCD…either way, you’ll feel great!


Clean out & organize your bag

Time to go through all those receipts you shove in your bag in a hurry and forget about, we all do it. Maybe 2020 will be the year all shops go paperless, I know where I work we actually give you the option of printing out a physical receipt before you end the transaction, unfortunately, we don’t do e-receipts just yet. I love how I go off and waffle sometimes…

It doesn’t matter if your bag is a handbag, crossbody bag or even a backpack, a good old sort out will make your 2020 a breeze. The necessities for your bag should be three simple things: keys, phone and purse or wallet. Other things are just a bonus or a weight in the way. I have a pouch in my uni backpack filled with spare pens (in case I forget my pencil case), hair bobbles, bobby pins, plasters (including blister plasters), mini spray (…you’ve got to smell good guys, ha!) and sanitary towels.

I also have a cardholder for my loyalty cards so it doesn’t weigh my purse down, but if you can, try and ask if places can search for your account by email or postcode so you don’t need to lug them about everywhere, there’s no harm in asking.


Go ‘au naturel’ for a day

I tended to do this little tip towards the end of last year because it was a lot of effort to do a full face of make up for a two-hour social event, plus my skin was getting awful. I’m stepping up my skincare regime this year – I’ve got enough of the products I should be using but I found myself seeing it as a massive effort, but I’m really knuckling down on it this year.

Let’s face it. You are beautiful without make up. I know it’s a cliche thing to say, but it’s true! My Grandma says she likes it when I don’t wear any products because I don’t need them…but I guess she has to say that…she’s family, ha! But I’ll take the compliment. I know I’d known Josh for YEARS before we got together but for the first few months, I found myself becoming really nervous if I didn’t wear make up in front of him because I felt like I looked like a different person but now…I don’t worry anymore. He comes round while I’m studying for my dissertation and I’m the worst state ever and he doesn’t mind. He’s a legend. ❤️

A make up free day once a week will really help your skin breath and you can chill. Everything will be fine because I know some people struggle without products but please, give it a try.


Annual make up clear out

Make up has expiry dates. I KNOW.

I only discovered this a few months back, even though it’s been a thing since the dawn of time…but I’m always late to the party. I should really have a sort through my make up and throw out products I don’t use. Am I the only person who has a go-to boring make up look? I’ve started to hit the pan of the eyeshadow I always use so I’m on the lookout for a dupe. I bulk buy my foundation when it’s on offer and store it in my wardrobe so I don’t have to worry if I run out of my shade. I say chuck out the random freebies you get from make up counters first so that frees some space up.

Organize your make up in the order in which you put it on. For me, it will be primer, foundation, brows, eyes, mascara, blush and lip balm. I can’t find a nice lip colour for me just yet, maybe 2020 will be THE YEAR!


One last thing…

Keep taking time for YOURSELF until you’re YOU again.

‘Nuff said.


See you soon,




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