Josh & I: Chapter One


Today is a special day for Josh and I as we’ve been together A YEAR. It’s actually flown by. As you know, I like to use my blog as a diary to keep everyone updated on milestones in my life…kinda like a diary…hence my original name ‘Indigo Violet Diaries’.

By the way, this is going to be a loooooong post so I’d grab a drink and some snacks.

This is Josh and I’s first chapter; here’s to many more.


28th March 2016…

…the day we first met.

7th September 2016 vs 7th September 2019, we haven’t changed a bit!

It’s weird to think that Josh and I went to the exact same college and must have crossed paths loads of times before meeting properly at work. It was a bank holiday weekend when we first met, I believe it was Easter time too. I remember being a bit sleep-deprived as we were in Guisborough the night before and Grandma Ivison had a fall so we obviously made sure she was fine before we travelled back home to York. I didn’t find out about my trial shift until Will text me that night saying “Fancy doing a shift pot washing tomorrow?”.

Imagine if I’d have said no?!

So, 8:30 the next morning I went to what would become my job for the next three and a half years. Started as a pot washer and finished as a supervisor…BUT ANYWAY BACK TO JOSH AND I. I don’t actually remember who started talking first, I just remember being literally buried in cups, saucers and anything that food can touch while Josh was cooking, yep this is the classic pot washer and cook rom-com thing…maybe I should start a ‘Life in Retail’ part of my blog…! I actually asked Josh the other day if he remembered the day we first met, he said he did and that he had a feeling that we’d end up together, you know when you just meet someone and you immediately click? That’s what happened…but we took our time…hold on to your popcorn ladies and gents…we’ve got another three and a half years to go until we actually get together.


Swapping numbers & nights out…

…he was a clever lad, let me tell ya.

We are still in early to mid-2016 here kids.

Josh and I are still getting to know each other as FRIENDS. I’m currently sat scrolling through Facebook to try and find when we became friends on there but it’s a taking a while so please bear with, ha! I can’t even remember the day we exchanged numbers but Josh was very clever with the way he did it. I was usually sent the next week’s shifts through my manager or Will and then Josh asked me for my number so he could send me one of the weeks…I never got that rota…WHAT A LAD, and since that day we’ve talked pretty much every day. Even if it’s just a “Work alright?” “Aye, this passenger did this AND THEN they did this”.

God, my memory must be really bad because I don’t even remember the first time I went out with the lads. Josh said he asked Will and Jake to start inviting me along to their Tuesday nights out at Lucia’s, £5 pitchers? I’m your gal. Back to Facebook, I’ve noticed how OBLIVIOUS I was about seeing that Josh liked me from day one because he’s either liked or loved near enough all my profile photos or statuses since May 2016.

I’ve also just found the day we became Facebook friends. 9th May 2016.


27th November 2016 & 14th December 2016…

…the Christmas dream team was born & THAT Christmas work do.

Christmas time at the garden centre became my favourite part of my job while working there. I got to dress up as an elf called Sparkles and make children’s dreams come true, there’s no better feeling. Who better to be my Santa than Josh? We LOVED it so much. Plus we got to decorate biscuits and have a rest for at least two hours a day during the event, ha!

Now, this is where things become interesting in our story.

This day is the day Josh drunkenly asked me out…and I said yes…then the following morning, I kinda friendzoned him, oops. We were having an ace time with our workmates, I must admit we’d gone for drinks before the event as well at our then usual bar. All our colleagues were telling us how well suited we are and if we were secretly together, making it SUPER AWKS and then Josh asked me on a date to which I said yes and that was that. Until the next morning, when I woke up and started thinking about how merry we actually were and if he liked me AND ALL THAT JAZZ. I think I text him to say that and he agreed. I only learned the other day that Josh was actually going to ask me out AGAIN on New Years Eve but this time in a more suitable state, ha! He never did sadly.


2017 to late 2018…

…sad times for the original GC team happen this year.

I’m really happy things between Josh and me weren’t awkward after the Christmas episode, we just acted like it never happened…but I always bring it up every now and again to wind him up, haha! So 2017 saw Josh leaving the garden centre on Christmas Eve and I’m not gonna lie it started going downhill without him. It was crap. It was just half of the original team, Will and me. Will also left later on and just left me to fend for meself. Loser.

Thankfully Josh and I obviously stayed in contact every day and often met up without Will and Jake. Best friends can do that, it’s not a crime to meet up with a friend who is a boy…although people beg to differ.


11th September 2018…

…mate dates or date dates?

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

We’re nearly there guys, stay with me. For my 21st birthday, I had so many mini celebrations I couldn’t keep track BUT I did go bowling with my best friends, Lauren, Will, Jake and Josh. I need to add by this time, Josh and I had been going out as friends an awful lot more than usual. We’d mentioned this to Lauren who asked if they were “mate dates or date dates” and that was that. The selfie above was taken from that exact day…ee, I’m good at getting photos from memorable days.


9th October 2018 to today…


Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

YAY! We are finally at the end of our first year! I honestly can’t believe it’s been a whole year already, how he has coped with me I. DO. NOT. KNOW.

I absolutely adore him and I can’t wait for what the future holds for us. I can’t wait for many more years with the one person who I want to annoy for the rest of my days. Also, congrats if you made it this far in the blog post, ha! Tonight we are going to an Italian restaurant and going to eat pizza and drink gin until our hearts are content.


Here’s to the next chapter…

…same time next year?

See you soon!

Niamh & Josh



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