Josh and I’s Center Parcs Weekend 2019


Sorry, it’s been a while since a proper blog post; uni comes first as it’s my final year! We’ve been thrown in at the deep end this first semester but I seem to have control of most of my modules so hopefully, I’m lined up for a fab grade to graduate with and then it’s out into the ‘real world’!

I’m four weeks into uni and I’m already missing my little getaway with Josh, so today’s post is all about our Center Parcs weekend! It was so good, we’ve managed to convince Will and Jake to join us next year!



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We booked the Lake District village, Whinfell Forest, as it’s where I usually go and I wanted to show Josh what he was missing out on! On Friday morning, we set off at about 9:30 so we could hit Scotch Corner services for breakfast…which is where Josh made me absolutely cry with laughter. He’d never had a Croque Monsieur before – I grabbed a ham and cheese toastie from Costa, highly recommend btw, and he goes “is that like that mangetout?”…well, I was banging the table, tears streaming – I knew this weekend was going to be fun!

The first day at the village is always quite a weird one as you check in but you aren’t allowed into your lodge until 3:30pm (3pm at other villages), you can opt for an earlier check-in but I think it’s £30 extra! I took Josh on a tour of the whole village and took him to my favourite spot to throw a penny at the bell…hit the bell the first time, of course. For food, once checked in we opened some snacks we bought in our crate and grabbed take out in the evening!



Saturday was one of our busiest days! We were absolutely knackered by the evening. We managed to grab a table at the most popular restaurant – The Pancake House. I’ve tried to get a table there the past few times we’ve visited but it’s always jam-packed, and they don’t take bookings! Josh and I recommend going about 11:30 as it’s not too busy or quiet…a nice medium. I had the Dutch Apple pancake and Josh had the Banoffee one – they were lush, but don’t go for the regular size, it’s MASSIVE. We struggled, ha!

After our visit to the Pancake House, we went and played pool in the sports bar and then spent the afternoon in the pool! We also went and played badminton! We booked a table at the Lakeside Inn for the evening and the food was amazing! I also discovered a new gin cocktail which was yummy, the name escapes me but I will remember and tweet it! In typical Niamh and Josh fashion, we copied each other with one of our courses. I did try and grab a photo of the view from our seats of the lake but it was so dark…all you can see is my reflection!



Sunday was a lazy day, due to us being absolutely knackered from the day before, ha! We grabbed a quick hot chocolate and a pastry from the Parc Market – chocolate twist and a croissant, nom. We went for a little walk around the village and picked up some goodies to take home for our family.

Sunday was the day we were both looking forward to the most as I’d found a steal and booked Afternoon Tea at Cafe Rouge for £18.95 FOR BOTH OF US. Unlimited tea or coffee matched with the most delicious food? Yes, please. I think this offer is exclusive to Center Parcs, but I could be wrong. The first tier was filled with lush Croques, second was fruit scones with jam and cream and the top tier was filled with amazing cakes…which we had to take back to the lodge because we were stuffed!

In the evening, we had a picky tea paired with gin and lemonade (yep, in wine glasses…) and went unlimited bowling…I smashed the first round but then got too cocky and Josh ended u beating me, as usual, grr!



Waah, our last day. I didn’t want to come back home, in all honesty. I was in my favourite place with my favourite person. It sucked that I started university on the Tuesday we came back. We packed all our things on the Sunday night before bowling so we could have a little lie-in in the morning…we still ended up being a bit late checking out, we slept in!

We grabbed sausage sarnies and hash browns with a deluxe hot chocolate before going for a final wander. We had booked adventure golf quite late on in the day so we could have a proper final day…even if that did mean having a quick nap in the Sports Bar…thanks for that photo Josh, hahaha!


See you soon!

Lots of love

Niamh & Josh



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