Joe’s Kitchen, York


Josh and I went on date number three of the year…and it didn’t disappoint.

We visited, I want to say a hidden gem but you can clearly see it on our main street in town, Joe’s Kitchen. We’re going to go last month but we decided we’d go All Bar One instead.

Yep, we had the set menu again. As I keep saying…sometimes it’s the best option!

Also, a little side note: IT’S FINALLY MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! Bring on 22!



…we seriously need to stop copying each other!

Joe’s Kitchen offers two options to their set menu; two courses for £11.95 or three for £13.95. It is a pretty limited menu, with only three choices for starters and desserts – less than All Bar One and Gusto but still great choices.

To start, we had chicken goujons which was served with a lush salad and garlic mayo. It was lush but I was expecting more than two goujons, it surprised me a little bit considering on the main menu, they are advertised at £6.75…I’d have expected at least three maybe four but that might just be me nitpicking, ha!


Main Courses & Drinks

…me being a Darby, I went Italian.

To drink, I had a Hawaiian Crush cocktail which was brill but a bit strong…it looks a bit like a beer in the photo with the froth on top, ha! Josh had a cider and it came with a chilled glass which he was really grateful for because we were SWELTERING.

For my main, I had the chicken and chorizo linguine which was gorgeous, Josh had the classic burger and both of us were more than happy with the food. Mine could have had a tad more parmesan but again, I’m nitpicking and Josh’s could have had more chips, ha!


Desserts, The Bill & Afterparty

…another cheap date night!

For desserts, I had a cinnamon waffle with vanilla ice cream and Josh had a warm chocolate brownie…both of which were lush. Again, we didn’t break the bank – it came to £40.30 so just over £20 for three courses plus a drink each! RESULT!

Before we went to Joe’s Kitchen, we went to our new regular All Bar One for a quick cocktail…turns out we were just in time for £5 cocktails! For this date night’s afterparty, we wanted to go somewhere different than our default place, Thor’s Tipi. We wanted somewhere that had outdoor seating because you know, it was bloody boiling – BEHOLD GUSTO! Gusto does a frosè cocktail which was perfect for that evening, nice and refreshing.



…out of five stars.

We loved it but the service could have been a bit faster. Although we were really grateful to be under the air con unit (we went on the hottest day of the year so far), it meant my pasta was cold by the end but it was still delish.


See you on Wednesday!

Lots of love

Niamh (& Josh)



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