All Bar One, York


Josh and I went on A. PROPER. DATE. NIGHT.

Get us!

We visited All Bar One in town after spying their set menus specifically for a date night after our little hot chocolate adventure on our last date night.

Set menus are the way forward, kids.



…yep, we had the same!

We have actually become calamari addicts. I ADMIT IT. I’m not going to lie, I was a bit disappointed with this starter – I didn’t think the sweet chilli sauce went with the fish…weird combo. Either way, I enjoyed it without the sauce.


Main Courses

…hmm, we had mixed opinions.

Now, Josh had the chicken schnitzel and I had the standard chicken burger…I tell ya, it’s hard for a gal who doesn’t eat red meat. I thought it was like a posh Maccies, but at least Josh enjoyed his. I mean…he actually Instagrammed the WHOLE NIGHT…like me on my stories.

Guaranteed if you see food on my stories…it’s date night and it’s going to be blogged about.



…the best part of the meal to be honest!

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I’d been out with Mam and Dad to Gusto for a meal and our experience wasn’t the best…Mam was served raw chicken and her starter was cold. So we decided to go elsewhere for dessert…and thank GOD we did.

I just realised in this photo you can see Josh trying to stay really still for my photo, bless him. We had a brownie and biscoff cheesecake. DELISH. Probably the best part of the meal foodwise to be completely honest, I was really looking forward to it.


The Bill, Perks & Afterparty

…a bit pricer than last time!

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The meal came to just under £30 for the pair of us due to the set menu and our drinks being free. All Bar One has an app with a loyalty scheme and as a thank you for signing up – they give you a free drink! Of course, we went for gin and lemonade.

The afterparty was at Banyan York and our old faithful, Thor’s Tipi (…where my parents made an appearance)! At Banyan, we had these delish lemon cheesecake cocktails which only cost £10 for the pair as there was a deal on! You could only have one on a night out like as they are really sickly – they use real lemon curd and ginger biscuits! I couldn’t drink all of mine.

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We then met my parents at the Tipi and had a nightcap before heading off home after another fabulous date night…we’ve even got our next one lined up!


See you on Friday!

Lots of love

Niamh (& Josh)



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