Plush Café, York


A very Instagrammable café in the centre of York.

I’ve been meaning to pop into Plush for aaaages since it opened! It’s well worth the wait! It’s a nice little place to go if you only fancy a quick sit down with great views of the city.

P.S: This post is not an ad, just a cute little day date with Marty!


The Rooms

Plush offers three different rooms, one of which is dog-friendly AND they are ALL breastfeeding-friendly – how ace is that! Marty and I sat in the swing room which was very floral and flamingo based, it was lush…even though I nearly fell off the swing, ha! We had a peek into the room next door and that looked brill too, although I did prefer the seating in the swing room.


Drinks & Food

Ah, we only grabbed a quick drink before we headed off but the choices were really good. I’ve given up hot chocolates for Lent so I couldn’t experience the ones Plush had on offer so I opted for an orange Cawston Press and Marty had an amazing looking smoothie. There were a couple of girls who were a few swings away from us who ordered two hot chocs and toasties and I was very jealous! They looked really good!



I will definitely be visiting again soon, especially to try the nibbles on offer! Plus there’s also a 10% student discount on offer too!


See you soon,




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