Back To School Routine


September has finally returned which means school, college and uni are starting again. The summer hols are over which means no more chilling in bed until 1pm…WAAH!

I’ve popped together a little routine to help you get back into the swing of things!

Hope this helps!


The Week Before…

…summer is slowly ending!

Start to get into a routine of going to bed early and unfortunately waking up early too. If it helps, time yourself on a morning to see how long it takes you to get prepped and ready for the day – including grabbing breakfast. If you think you won’t have enough time for breakfast or want something fast, invest in some breakfast bars or make some overnight porridge so you’re full up until lunch.

Make the most of the back to school offers on stationery…you’ll save a fortune. Don’t forget to ask what the shop assistants recommend because we’ve been or are in your shoes, so we know our shizzle. Personally, I would make sure your pencil case is filled with black pens and highlighters – your essentials. If you have summer work; get it done! Make sure you can contact your teachers about anything you are unsure of, they only want the best for you.


The Night Before…

…prep, prep, prep!

Five simple steps for the smoothest first day back ever:

✨ Choose your outfit tonight, this way you’re not stressing or fussing in the morning.

✨ Pack your bag and lunch; you’ll only need a pad and your pencil case for the first day.

✨ Go to bed earlier than normal so you wake up ready for the day ahead.

✨ Set your alarm for a reasonable time; allow yourself to wake up a bit before suddenly getting out and rushing about.

✨ Don’t forget to charge your phone!


On The Day…

…you got this!



See you on Friday!

Lots of love




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