Travel This or That

Bonjour, hola, guten tag!

I’ve got the travel bug again…hence the travel themed posts!

This post is all about what I prefer travel wise…I might have copped out on a few of them by mixing the options but hey ho!



City or Nature

Definitely city…even though I do enjoy going to Center Parcs and just being away from everything.


AirBnB or Hotel

Hotel, mainly because I haven’t experienced staying in an AirBnB yet but I’ve heard nothing but great things about them!


Plane or Train


I do need to face my plane fears but one step at a time, ha!


Art or History

I’m gonna say history…I’m not that big a fan of art, sorry!


Adventure or Relax

Relax. Always.


Beach or Mountains

Mountains…there’s no seagulls there to steal me food. Yep, I’m still on about the seagull fiasco.


Group or Alone

Group – create memories!


Plan It or Wing It

Plan it. I’m a planning freak – god knows what Center Parcs is going to be like for poor Josh, ha!


Backpack or Suitcase


Resort or Cruise

Cruise as you can discover and explore new cities!


Sight Seeing or Shopping

Bit of both…you always need souvenirs, right?


Party Trip or Romantic Trip

Before I met Josh, I would’ve said a party trip but a romantic trip sounds a bit more appealing now!


Tourist Spots or Hidden Gems

Hidden gems are the best because you can keep going back to them year after year and no one will know about them!


See you on Friday!

Lots of love




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