Do’s & Don’ts For Prepping For University

Hey you!

So you’re thinking of going to or have already got into university? CONGRATS, welcome to the next three (or four) years of your life!

I was in your position exactly three years ago, this year I’m graduating! It’s mental how the time flies by! I thought I’d give you freshers some advice if you’re a tad nervous about taking this big step.

Hope these help!



…search for your welcome week timetable in advance!

You’re probably thinking ‘what the heck is Welcome Week?’…basically, it does what it says on the tin but you don’t go to any lectures just yet, yay!

Welcome Week is also referred to as Freshers Week, so you have the Freshers Fair where you can sign up to SO MANY societies…that you don’t actually end up attending. Oh, did I mention FREE THINGS? At my Freshers Fair, there was a Domino’s Pizza stand giving away FREE PIZZA!



…leave everything until the last minute.

Trust me. It’s actually stress city.

Buy yourself a planner and a pen which stay together in your bag, so you can be organised on the move as well as at home.



…go to as many socials as you can.

Even ones without alcohol.

My course held a quiz where it gave us all the chance to meet everyone, including our lecturers, outside of lessons…because everyone is in the same boat. Also, don’t forget to ask when birthdays are so you can organise nights out!



…forget your friends you had before university.

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They were there before uni and they will still be there after too. I’m still best friends with Will, Jake and Josh – who have supported me through so much stress, especially last year.



…get ahead with your reading lists.

I made a mistake of leaving my reading list material searching to the last minute – eek! Make sure you’re ahead of the game by downloading the e-book versions of your essential material and you’ll ace those essays.


See you on Friday!

Lots of love





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