How To Organise Your Social Life With Friends & Family


I’ve found the perfect app so you can go out on that bowling date you have with your mates!

Use it, cherish it and HAPPY SOCIAL LIFE!

*DISCLAIMER: Not an ad, just a helpful post for you*



Now, this app can be a bit confusing to start with BUT you can see what all your friends are up to without pestering them! TimeTree lets you create individual calendars which you can share with your mates and tells you if you have any clashing events which is brill.

The parents and I are having a bit of a fiddle with it at the moment as it does take some getting used to – we mainly got it this app so my parents can see when I’m in work and uni…oh, and when I’m out with Josh too!

It’s really simple to create events, you can invite others to join and it will appear on their calendar…so no more rubbish excuses! Trust me I’ve heard a few bad ones, ha!

Let me know how you get on with the app!

You can download it here!


See you on Friday!

Lots of love




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