Best Loyalty Cards For Students


Now being a student is tricky. Especially when you only have a tiny income and your goals are sky-high…I know, I’m in the same boat.

I’ve found the best cards which won’t bulk up your purse, wallet or phone!


Boots Advantage Card

Benefits: 4 points for every £1 spent, can save and redeem points whenever online or instore, tailored regular vouchers sent through the post or on the app. If you forget your card when shopping, keep your receipt as you can redeem them next time you shop.

10% student discount!

Drawbacks: App takes a while to update and points can sometimes be unclear on receipts. Can only get 10% student discount if you have a card.

Get yours here!


Costa Coffee

Benefits: 5 points for every £1 spent – not just on hot drinks, 100 points for joining, can order ahead on the app, add to your phone wallet.

Drawbacks: Worth grabbing the physical card to sign up as the app can be a bit dodgy with loading in their stores.

Get yours here!


Krispy Kreme

Benefits: Free doughnut when you join – redeemable straight away, other offers on the app, free doughnut on your birthday and friends birthdays too!

Drawbacks: In app offers only last one day or even a couple of hours so not ideal if you’re on a tight schedule!

Get yours here!



Benefits: Points for various shops – online and instore, if you’re an ASOS lover like me it’s worth getting one as you get 4 points for every £1 spent which you can redeem against cinema tickets or restaurants.

Drawbacks: App takes forever to update points balance.

Get yours here!


Subway Subcard

Benefits: Points for every sandwich you buy – can redeem points against a free sub, 250 points for joining, can create ‘SubSquads’ where you get double points if you buy a sub the same day as your mates. Can order on the app.

Drawbacks: App keeps crashing on any device.

Get yours here!

Join my subsquad by typing in this code: lmeo18


Tesco Clubcard

Benefits: Points for every single thing you buy. Every 150 points collected gives you £1.50 redeem against vouchers and you can triple your points sometimes to get more vouchers.

Drawbacks: I haven’t found any yet!

Get yours here!


See you on Monday!

Lots of love




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