Money Saving Tips For Couples


Josh and I have become proper adults…that’s right, we’ve opened a joint savings account. We’ve been planning holidays, birthdays and even moving in together without one for MONTHS. Now, we can both keep money in one place for joint events…if that’s the right word.

Hope these tips help!

This blog is going out the day before Josh’s 21st birthday…happy early birthday to my favourite! Xxx

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Here’s how to save £2,000 in three months…

…which Niamh ‘borrowed’ from Pinterest!

Here’s your 12-week journey to £2,000 for that holiday you’ve been saving for. Each week, if you both put the same amount into your account, you’ll be on the road to that £8,000 at the end of the year!

✨ Week One: £65 ✨

(Weekly summary: £130 in the pot)

✨ Week Two: £85 ✨

(Weekly summary: £170 in the pot)

✨ Week Three: £90 ✨

(Weekly summary: £180 in the pot)

✨ Week Four: £80 ✨

(Weekly summary: £160 in the pot)

By the end of the first month, you’re already at £640!

✨ Week Five: £65 ✨

(Weekly summary: £130 in the pot)

✨ Week Six: £95 ✨

(Weekly summary: £180 in the pot)

✨ Week Seven: £90 ✨

(Weekly summary: £180 in the pot)

✨ Week Eight: £95 ✨

(Weekly summary: £190 in the pot)

✨ Week Nine: £65 ✨

(Weekly summary: £130 in the pot)

✨ Week Ten: £95 ✨

(Weekly summary: £190 in the pot)

✨ Week Eleven: £90 ✨

(Weekly summary: £180 in the pot)

✨ Week Twelve: £85 ✨

(Weekly summary: £170 in the pot)

Aaaaaand you’ve hit £2,000!

We’re going to start saving this way next month!


Limit Date Nights…

…the money you’ll save will amaze you.

You may have read Josh and I’s date night posts before, but we’ve decided to limit ourselves to one MASSIVE date night per month. It’s already saved us loads of money and it gives us both something to look forward to besides work and university.

Obviously, we still see each other loads…we don’t just see each other on date night, hahaha! We decided the late night Maccies and Taco Bell trips were getting a bit out of control…especially money wise, they aren’t as cheap as they used to be.

Here’s the plan:

✨ Make a list of restaurants you’d both like to visit along with a bar to go to afterwards so the date night isn’t just about getting food.

✨ Search Groupon, VoucherCloud and their website for any set menus and evening deals…saving before you’ve even attended! I know some restaurants have apps where you can get exclusive deals!

✨ Most places offer student discount…hence why Josh always suggests Frankie and Benny’s because “40% off Niamh!!!!”…make sure to have your student card handy while you’re out.

✨ Set a budget. Josh and I haven’t done this before but it’s a good idea for new couples but when you’ve been together for nearly nine months, you don’t really need to set a budget anymore. Jeez, nine months.


See you on Monday!

Lots of love





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