Italy Bucket List


We’re back again with another travel bucket list…I bet you’re sick of these now, ha!

I’ve fallen in love with the idea of cruising around Italy and eating as much pizza, pasta and ice cream as our bodies can possibly take. We’ve been toying with the idea of going on a short cruise of just Italy in summer next year, but they are hella expensive.

Yes, I have used a very stereotypical photo of Josh and me for the thumbnail but ah well!

Here’s our Italy bucket list…


Spending A Few Days In Rome…

…well, it is the capital after all.

After scrolling through Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube, I came across My Wandering Voyage‘s really helpful post on their ideal itinerary for Rome and the rest of Italy. Olivia also did another great post of things tourists should avoid while in Rome.

Day one is suggested to explore the history of the beautiful city, so it will be a perfect time to visit the Colosseum, Palatine Hill and the Roman Forum. It’s sounding like there’s going to be a ton of walking so I best pack my comfiest shoes, ha!

Olivia tones it down a tad for day two so a trek along the Spanish steps and a visit to the Trevi Fountain sounds perfect. I can’t wait to make a wish and throw a penny into this iconic fountain. I wonder what I’ll wish for…

The final day in Rome looks really good too. Wandering around the Gallery of Maps and visiting St. Peter’s Square. I’m not usually one for sightseeing – I quite like the shopping part of a holiday but I really can’t wait to venture around Italy with Josh.


Sailing along the Amalfi Coast…

…sounds and looks like bliss.

Dana Berez has done a beautiful blog on her experience cruising along the Amalfi Coast…it’s making me really jealous – her photos look lush.

The views look spectacular and the fact Dana went on a privately hired boat just makes it even better…if that’s possible. You sail past Villa TreVille, the villages of Priano and Conca dei Marini.


Iconic Cities We’d Love To Visit…

…to name a few.










The Planning Process…

…help is always appreciated!

We have started saving for this holiday, so hopefully next year after I graduate! Fingers crossed.


See you on Friday!

Lots of love




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