My Prom Look & A Natter About Life


I’m making myself feel very very old as it’s just dawned on me that my prom was FIVE YEARS AGO.

Five years ago, I waved goodbye to secondary school and went on to fail my first year of A-Levels, get back on my feet by achieving the HIGHEST grades for my Creative Media Production BTEC aaaaaand I’m currently scoring 2:1’s at uni, where I graduate this year…scary stuff.

Yep, I lost a few friends here and there but I’ve gained lifelong friends too…

I still feel like I’m that nervous 12 year old starting secondary school, I don’t feel ready to be a fully fledged 21-year-old adult.

Anyway, here’s my prom look from 2014. Weirdly it’s not as you’d expect, I went quite simple.


2014…wait, how long ago?!

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Yep, I had straight hair. I went with a french braid too but it kind of fell out with the amount of dancing I did. I also realised I am the spitting image of my mother in this photo, aw.

I didn’t really fancy the whole fake tan, long dress, shoulders showing kinda vibe – nothing wrong with that, each to their own; it’s just not my style. To be honest, I’m not really a girly girl, so wearing heels and a dress to a public event was a big deal back then…still is now! I got my hair and nails done but that’s as far as I went with pampering.

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Can we also please talk about my make up? Oh god. I didn’t start wearing make up properly until I was about 15 or 16 so I was still seeing what colours suited me. I didn’t wear foundation until I was 18, I just brushed a LOT of powder over my pale skin, ha!

Prom itself was a fun experience, I didn’t take that many photos – hence why I’m using the ones Mum posted on Facebook for my 21st! Recently, I’ve started visiting the hotel where it was held quite a lot as is where the Summer Tipi is, weirdly Josh had his prom there too!


It’s weird how life works out.

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I’d love to say I’ve kept in contact with my friends from secondary school, but in all honesty – I just have them as ‘Facebook Friends’ now.

It is true though – you make lifelong friends at work and university. I don’t think I could actually survive university without my lovely Marty and Danny – what legends they are. We work really well as a team and sometimes we have to put our closeness to one side when it gets to serious work, which happens quite a lot when you’re studying and practising journalism.

Now, if you told me five years ago that I would have met my future boyfriend at work I would have just taken it on the chin…but that’s how I met Josh. Actually, it’s through our best friend Will. Thanks, Will, you are a gem…but our story is for another blog post, another time. Just know, it’s a looooong one, ha!

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Sometimes it’s best to have a small circle of friends. I’m so glad to have Josh, Will and Jake – I would go MAD without them. Don’t feel any pressure whatsoever to have a massive group of friends – not everything is like a movie. You can have a select few friends who you trust with everything.

If I could give my 12 year old self some advice for starting secondary school, it would be to just be myself. I don’t think I was ever comfortable with being myself around anyone until I met the boys…I realised they are just as crazy as me! But I wouldn’t have it any other way!


See you on Wednesday!

Lots of love




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