Life Hacks: 6 Tricks To Help You Remember Names


After reading a few fellow bloggers posts about life hacks, I came across this beauty of a book and tried a few hacks so you don’t have to worry if they will fail or not!

One hack I found really helpful was six ways to remember names after meeting people briefly. It’s really important in my sector of work to remember everyone’s names.



6 Tricks To Help You Remember People’s Names and Faces

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Once introduced to the person, repeat their name during appropriate times in the conversation and once again, when parting ways.

Try and link a new person’s face with a familiar visual to help you remember their name.

If a person has a common name, think about other friends or family who have a close version of their name.

If a person’s name is difficult to remember, ask the person to spell it out – this way you can visualise the letters and it will also help with pronunciation too.

Metting a person again and their name has escaped you? Introduce the person to a friend – usually, they will say their name to the new face.

IF ALL ELSE FAILS, get the person to add you on Facebook.


See you on Monday!

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