THE £4.50 Sephora Mascara Dupe


Hope you had a lovely weekend!

I’ve been really excited about today’s post for a loooooong time. My parents visited France and Mam made it her mission to bring me back something from Sephora, I am a very lucky gal as she bought back lots of goodies, including my GO TO ENDGAME mascara. I’m not kidding this mascara actually makes it look like I have lashes…

…but ALAS! I have found t h e dupe which is so cheap and it means I don’t have to travel to Paris every two months, although that would be lovely come to think about it.



Sephora’s “The Mascara” promises volumized lashes and it doesn’t let us down, let me tell you…but it does come with a hefty price once you calculate shipping in…the mascara alone is €16.50.

This mascara doesn’t budge and doesn’t flake, thank GOD, but I’m starting to come to the end of my tube and Paris is quite a trek.

While shopping in Superdrug with my other journo, Marty, we came across ELF’s mascara collection and found AN EXACT DUPE. ELF’s selection is always hidden away in the corner of my Superdrug so I never think to actually go and have a gander.

This volumizing mascara does what it says on the tin and it’s so cheap compared to Sephora’s!

£4.50! It does flake so I do have to keep checking under my eyes but apart from that, it’s hunky dory and I LOVE IT.



See you on Wednesday!

Lots of love




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