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Josh is currently on a cruise for two weeks as I’m writing this, so that means I actually have to stop procrastinating with uni work, ha! When this has gone live, he will have returned home! Yay!

Josh and I have been planning and prepping for our first holiday together in September and it got us thinking about our next holiday and the holiday after that!

Here’s our travel bucket list!

For each destination, I plan to take a disposable camera with us so only Josh and I will have a few photos from each trip that won’t be posted on social media.



I’ve been to London tons of times for birthdays and to see rugby, but I feel I haven’t lived the full tourist experience. So when Josh and I stay, we plan to go all out. I’m talking the tour bus, London Eye, Madame Tussauds, Buckingham Palace…you get the picture.

I know London is renowned for being hella expensive so I’ll have to save my pennies, but I have my eye on a few nice hotels and markets I want to go. Hopefully, Brexit will have been sorted before we visit London or any of these destinations, I don’t want our little getaway ruined by protests, waah.



I have fallen in love with a hotel I discovered over on Jess’s blog. It’s so beautiful and looks convenient for going to the main tourist attractions.

In college, I went to Paris and visited the Eiffel Tower – when I go I want to reach the top. That’s the goal, even though we did get quite high up. I’d spend a lot longer than before capturing Paris in all its beauty, I honestly love it. I can’t wait to visit again.

I will go full-on tourist, trust me. I’m not sure if Josh understands that yet, ha! I would also like to visit the Arc de Triumph, or as my French teacher called it “the death trap” because apparently, French residents don’t understand traffic lights or driving! Oh, one thing that does stick out for me is they take the red light as a challenge when pedestrians are crossing, eek! Regardless, I am really looking forward to visiting with Josh.

P.S: I want to visit Disneyland Paris and don some cute Mickey ears…even though I’m not a massive fan of Disney…*loses all followers*



Half of my class have just visited Perugia for the International Journalism Festival and it looked like they were having a whale of a time.

Josh is currently in Corsica and he is STILL. SENDING. ME. PHOTOS. OF. SO. MUCH. PIZZA. Lucky git. I miss him really, he just needs to stop making me jealous, ha!

Anyway, I really think the Darby’s could be Italian somewhere down the family tree. Grandad, Dad and I bloody love a good pizza and pasta dish. I mean we’ve created the Darby Carby…our own family version of carbonara…no. I won’t tell you our secret ingredient. We take our Italian meals seriously. Actually, thinking about it…taking me to Italy might be very dangerous, oops!



I’ve been to Amsterdam before with my parents, but it was a quick stop tour. Thank you to Mama Darbs for taking these photos!

I don’t think Josh has been before so I can go and be a full-on tourist again! I think going on the ferry to Amsterdam is all part of the fun too, but there are so many hot spots I want to visit!

I’d love to spend a couple of nights in Amsterdam trying their cuisine and going to the Heineken Experience…even though we don’t like beer but when in the ‘Dam, ey? Visiting their Madame Tussauds would be very interesting because I can’t think of any big Dutch celebrities off the top of my head.

I’d love to spend a few hours in a coffee shop over there, just watching the world go by…of course, paired with eating a stroopwafel!


New York

Now, this is the one I’m most excited yet VERY nervous for because it involves getting on a plane. I know people say they are the safest mode of transport but they still freak me out a bit. Last time I boarded a plane I was four or five and it was just before 9/11 so I think that’s triggered something in me that planes are just death waiting to happen. I’m sure I’ll be fine once I’ve been flying for a bit and at least I’ll have Josh. Even though he keeps joking about getting me crazy drunk before getting on, ha!

Anyhoo, I would love to spend a couple of weeks exploring the jungle where dreams are made of…thank you Jay-Z and Alicia Keys. Top of my list for this city is Rockerfella Centre and the Empire State Building. I can’t wait to go one day!


Obviously, I would love to travel to more than these five places – let me know if you’ve got a fave place that we should check out!

See you on Monday!

Lots of love




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