How I Edit My Instagram Photos


Today I’m talking all about the ‘gram and how I edit my photos!

It’s easier than you think, don’t worry!

Yep, all of these photos were taken while it was a Winter Wonderland at uni – it was beautiful! P.S: I was listening to 90’s Britney while typing away…could life be any better?!

This post is not an AD, I just really love this app!



Massive thank you to my lovely Marty for taking my solo photos – I love them so much!

Now, the iPhone 7 Plus (…and later models) have a setting on their camera app called Portrait mode, it’s amazing. It fades out your background and focuses purely on what you want in the photo.

Be careful though as it does give you a warning if you are too close to the subject you are wanting to capture. However, I do highly recommend using this FREE photo trick!



I’ve mentioned before that I use the VSCO app…it’s FREE and it’s brill if you want to create your own unique filter. I found my filter on Pinterest but I think it’s brill for a natural tint to a photo – especially if you have a tad of white in there too.

As you can see from the two photos above, the filter has tinted my photo a tad making it look a bit cooler than the original but what can be cooler than snow…?

To create this cooler theme, I use the VSCO filter A5 (+7), adjust the exposure (+1), contrast (-1), add a few highlights along with adjusting the white balance, turning the skin tone down ( -4) and finally adding a smidge of saturation (+1).

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

I am really enjoying this theme as it fits in with all my social media platforms PERFECTLY. I love the VSCO app as it can get a jist of how my grid will look after a few photos and I can plan in advance. It also allows you to create unlimited ‘recipes’ to play around with too! I have some photos in my library which haven’t been posted yet or didn’t make the cut but they may later on as I haven’t found the right touch for them just yet.

You’ll have to keep your eye out for them!


See you on Wednesday!

Lots of love




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