How To Ace That Dissertation: Guest Post by Faye (Female Original)

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Faye (Female Original) has written a post all about getting the best grade possible on those dreaded dissertations!

Hope this helps you if you’re going into your third year like me!


Well hello there! It’s Faye from Female Original here coming at you with a little university-based post.

For all of the final years out there I’m sure one of the big things on your mind right now is the dreaded D I S S E R T A T I O N. Like you I too have had to write my dissertation this year as well. As a final year Fine Art student, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about the idea of writing a dissertation.  I chose a Fine Art degree for a reason…it was mostly coursework. So, writing essays isn’t exactly my forte (…I know weird right? A blogger who doesn’t like writing essays.) Anyway, since I handed in my dissertation just before Christmas (apologies to anyone who is seething at the fact that mine is over and done with) I’ve put together a few little tips on how to get it done!


One of the best parts of writing a dissertation is choosing your own topic. In previous essays, you’re often given a topic to write about or a specific question to answer. However, a dissertation is completely up to you. Think back to everything that you’ve studied during your time at university and choose something that you know you’re going to enjoy researching and writing about. Maybe it’s something that you only briefly studied in a single lecture that you thought sounded interesting. Or it could be something that you’ve studied a lot but just love reading and writing about. The main thing is to make sure you’re genuinely fascinated with the topic. At the end of the day, you’re going to be spending months working on it so, you may as well have some fun!


When you’re working on a dissertation you’ll be assigned a dissertation supervisor who you’ll meet with a few times. As simple as it sounds, make sure you actually attend your meetings! You’re paying for your tuition so make the most of it. Come with questions to ask your supervisor and make sure to note down their tips and advice. They want you to succeed just as much as you do so be open to their feedback.


Don’t just spend ALL of your time working on your dissertation. If you don’t take regular breaks then you’ll quickly lose interest and motivation. As I’ve already mentioned, your dissertation is supposed to be the most interesting essay you’ll write during university so don’t overwork yourself and get bored of it. My advice is to work on more than one deadline at a time. If, for example, you’re working on your dissertation and a presentation at the same, spend an hour on one and an hour on the other. By switching between the two tasks you won’t get sick of doing the same thing all the time. That’s definitely something that has worked for me throughout my deadlines so give it a go if you find yourself struggling.


I know I know, we’re supposed to be at university to get the best degree that we can right? But, let’s be real it’s important to take time to have fun as well, I know taking breaks is easier said than done when it comes to important deadlines. I’ve definitely felt a bit guilty when I’m out having fun with friends and not constantly working towards deadlines. However, no one should be working non-stop without breaks! It’s important to take time to enjoy your final year at university. Hang out with your friends, have a pamper night, go on socials because once you’ve graduated you’ll regret spending your final year worrying so much about deadlines.

Hopefully, this has helped a few of you out with your dissertation stress. Good luck to everyone who’s working on their deadlines now and to anyone who still has this to come I hope I could help you out a bit!

Hope this was helpful!

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