Choosing The Right Uni: Guest Post By Jo (A Rose Tinted World)

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Today Jo (A Rose Tinted World) has written a post all about choosing the right university and settling in!

Hope this helps you if you’re planning to go to university!


Newcastle University had always been my first choice when applying. But when I went to an open day for my Uni course I was blown away by the ‘Toon’.


Getting off the train at Newcastle Central Station, I knew I needed to use the Metro, Newcastle’s underground system, to get me to Haymarket, the nearest station to the University. I looked at the ticket machines at the entrance and was baffled. But within a minute, a guy stopped next to me and asked me if I needed some help. Without me having to ask. Just an incredibly friendly person who saw that I was puzzled and in need of some aid. He helped me buy a ticket and then I was on my way.

Now, I am pretty good with maps usually, but the map provided by the Dental School wasn’t the best I’ve ever seen. Soon after getting off the Metro I found myself walking up a long road. I had no idea if I was actually going in the right direction. And then it happened again. A lady walking in the opposite direction stopped and asked if I needed some help, “As you look a little lost, pet”. She looked at the map and saw where I needed to be. And told me that I was heading in totally the right direction, but just needed to go a bit further. Again, I was genuinely amazed at the generosity and friendliness of the people of Newcastle. And it made my mind up for me. This was where I wanted to spend the next 5 years.


You’re bound to be apprehensive. Moving away from home. From friends, family and all your home comforts. We pretty much packed my whole bedroom into my Auntie’s car that day.

I was in halls in my first year. A maze of corridors full of people moving in. Queues for the constantly full lifts. And it was in such a queue that I met Anna, who was also from Yorkshire. So we started to chat. She was in the next block along from me, and had already met a couple of the girls on her corridor. She seemed really nice, and asked if I’d like to join them going down for dinner later. So I’d already found a friend.


The girls who were on my block came from a wide range of backgrounds and were all doing different subjects. They were also quite a loud party bunch. Which was fine, and I did go out with them a couple of times. But really this was not my thing. I was glad to have Anna and her corridor of slightly more sedate people.

One girl on the floor only just made it to the end of freshers week before saying that she missed her boyfriend too much and decided to go home. Another girl confided in me one late night in the shared kitchen that it was all a bit too much. That she was only partying to ‘fit in’ and that she didn’t really enjoy the whole getting drunk every night.

Which was probably where I got something right. I didn’t just party to fit in. I couldn’t really, due to how busy my timetable was. Unlike some of the girls on my floor I had at least 3-4 hours of lectures a day, so couldn’t really be out partying all the time.

Settling in can be hard. But it is so important not to lose sight of who you are, and what you have gone to university to do. Some of the girls on my floor didn’t get to the end of the first year or didn’t pass the end of year exams. Maybe they realised that University wasn’t for them.

It isn’t for everybody.

Hope this was helpful!

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