Essentials A 20-Something Female Should Have In Their Bag

It’s Mondaaaaaaay!

How did that come about?

Today’s post is alllll about introducing my new advice page, Essential 20’s!

Essential 20’s will be a big bundle of advice about various things we have to tackle during our 20’s!





‘Adulting is the subtle art of always knowing what you’re doing (or the even subtler art of pretending that you know what you’re doing.)’

Basically, it’s all about a 20-something doing a task independently and knowing they’ve absolutely aced it. For example; eating three meals a day, cooked by themselves, and not getting food poisoning. WHAT AN ACHIEVEMENT. You can now be classed as a fully functioning adult!



First off, the basics. Phone, keys and money.

If you’re a bit tight for space in your bag, or if you don’t really want to be flashing pads or tampons about, I suggest getting a little pouch like mine – Paperchase or Cath Kidston have some really affordable ones! I asked for this one for Chrimbo as I don’t really carry around any essential items and I’ve been caught short a couple of times…oops!

When I say essentials, I mean things like a couple of hair bobbles and bobby pins. I’m dreadful at losing bobby pins though, I keep dropping them on my bedroom floor and then completely forgetting about them, eek. Also, it’s always handy to have a couple to hand for yourself or friends too.

Don’t forget about lip balm or a spare lipstick. Keep those lips moisturised! There’s nothing worse than chapped lips, eugh. If you want to be extra like me, you can get a personalised tin of Vaseline, ha! They’re only £2.99 each – the perfect size for popping in your bag or little pouch.

Another essential is a diary.

How else are you going to note down date nights with the girls? Or when you have deadlines for uni? Honestly, it’s a lifesaver. Even if it’s just a really cheap one, it’s better than nothing. I recommend a Filofax as you can design it however you like and you’ll only have to stretch out a fiver (if you get it from Paperchase) every year to refill the diary part.

Pop a tester stick or travel sized perfume bottle in your bag too to keep you smelling gorgeous all day. There’s nothing worse than being anxious that you smell bad throughout the day, I know. We’ve all been there.


See you on Wednesday!

Lots of love,





  1. January 8, 2019 / 8:50 pm

    Oh, I love this idea! Being in your 20s, I find, can be a little overwhelming at times but it’s important to congratulate ourselves! Even if it’s just cooking a meal😊 I’ve carried a little pouch full of essentials like hand sanitiser, hand cream, tampons etc. and I honestly couldn’t be without it!

  2. January 11, 2019 / 11:47 pm

    Love this post! Being in your 20s is definitely overwhelming because you feel like you should have everything together but we are definitely winging it and pretending we know what’s going on!

    Sara |

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