How To Be Organised This New Year


It’s 2019! How the heck did that happen?


Today’s post is about motivating yourself to be productive this year…call it the ‘new year, new me’ blog if you will!




Get a diary and pop birthdays, anniversaries and special dates there. Even if it’s just a mini diary like mine or a larger planner. Having a little book with important information makes life so much easier…and you won’t be checking Facebook for that friend’s birthday. See, you’ll be prepped!

Bulk buy cards for all occasions, just in case you do forget or just to be mega prepped! I suggest looking in the sale at Paperchase or ASOS, who have some funky ones. As for presents, always have your eyes peeled for stocking fillers for Christmas or a little gift here and there for friends or family going through a rough patch, it’ll really make their day.


Gather family members for a good ol’ catch up in the new year. My family has always caught up with my grandparents after Christmas and New Year’s Day as Christmas Day can be a bit hectic with everyone talking to each other. We find out what everyone got for Christmas and what we plan to do for everyone’s birthdays.

As for friends, if the Christmas markets are still on, keep the festive spirit alive and go grab a few bargains for next year’s pressies. Trust me, you’ll find that perfect present for everyone in the sales as the shops just throw out anything on to their shop floor, I know as my work does it, ha! You might even find something for that friend who has everything.



Yes. You. You work so hard through the year sometimes you forget to have some me time. It is essential for a 20-something university part-time worker like myself. I love diving into my bed with a facemask and watching films, just relaxing, especially when deadlines are looming and stress isn’t even the word! I think my movies of choice will be Mamma Mia 1 & 2 and The Greatest Showman…once I’ve finally watched it!

Making time for yourself also includes getting to a point where you feel so organised, you can just sit back and watch life go by for a few days. Every week, create a plan for everything. Meals, lectures, dates, outings, EVERYTHING. You’ll feel tons better after you’ve created your weekly plan and you can then start planning outfits!


I know I live at home…rent free…but creating a weekly or even monthly budget is brill, especially when you’re on minimum wage like me. I have about £250 a month coming as I only work Saturdays at the moment. I have two ‘bills’ to pay, Spotify and Netflix so after that £15 has gone, I have quite a bit left. I sometimes pick up the odd shift here and there to up my pay if I need it.

I say if you’re on a wage like myself, set a weekly budget of £50 for fun times. That’s suitable to go to the cinema with friends and to save money on sweets…take some selection boxes from Christmas to share with your friends too! It’s the extras like popcorn and pick ‘n’ mix that rack up your final total! With £50 per week, you could also go out for a reasonably priced meal or have your own little Come Dine with Me where you can cook for your friends, which will still save you all money.

At the end of the month, you’ll still have a spare £50 for emergencies if it’s a bit of tight month or start saving! You can also adjust your budget for the big birthday months as well.


Obviously, this is the first year Josh and I have been together so we set each other a budget of £50 to spend on each other for Christmas and believe me, it does go far if you plan it carefully like we did. I managed to get him things that he will use on a daily basis and will last a while.

For friends birthdays, I usually aim for £20 – £25. With this budget, again you adjust it if it’s a special birthday, but you can still get things that are still substantial and usable. For Christmas, I aim for the same budget – for both occasions, you can still get a posh box of choccies as well!


Hope this helps for this new year!


See you on Friday!

Lots of love,





  1. January 2, 2019 / 11:05 am

    Great advice! I’ve been working on reorganizing my house. So far, I have bought and filled a bunch of new storage containers, and gone through all of my clothes (I have three huge bags to donate). Next up is my home office. That’s going to be quite a project…

    • Niamh Darby
      January 2, 2019 / 11:41 am

      New Look and Primark do really cheap wired baskets which I use for my skincare…as I may have over bought! Oops! Sounds like quite a year ahead for you! Keep me updated! Xxx

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