2019 Goals

Bonjour bambinos!

Hope you’re all well!

Today I’m talking goals for 2019!




I feel 2019 is the year where I will be really productive with my blog.

I’m entering my final year of uni in September…it’s so daunting thinking about that.

I found out for this year’s final semester I have two days off a week so that’s plenty of time to balance uni and my blog.


Josh said he would love to be involved with my blog a bit more, so we’ve created a new category for restaurant reviews called Come Dine with Us. You can find it under the lifestyle tag at the top! I started it by myself in Blogmas to see how well it would take off and it seemed to do pretty well!

We’ve already figured out a few…which is a bit of an understatement…where we would like to try. We did a tester blog when I took Josh to Bella Italia for the first time just before Chrimbo but I think we may need to go back, the lighting for my photos wasn’t very good, to be honest…and we may have eaten our starter before remembering to snap it…oops!


You may have also seen a new section called Essential 20’s.

You’ll learn all about that in the New Year!


You may have noticed the layout of my posts looking a little different from before.

I’m trying new things and I’m quite liking it! I’m wanting to make my posts a bit more appealing and chatty so you have something a bit more to read and engage with.

I quite like the landscape edited photos…since I discovered the gem that is Lightroom…I’m trying to pop a few less in as well, before it looks like I’m bombarding you all with photos, sorry!




At the moment, I am on top of all assignments, revision and anything else my lecturers want to throw at me. Buuuuuuuut I feel when I leave in May / June for summer, I’ll just laze about and not focus. I’m not sure how to combat this yet but I’m sure it will come to me.

As far as new assignments are concerned, I plan to crack on with them straight away. Yes, this year I got my essays and portfolio all tip top and submitted on time…it was just very stressful leaving it until a week beforehand, oops.

I suggest surrounding yourself with friends who will be your best bud at all times and will actually motivate you. It’s even better when you work well as a team, I’m glad I have Marty and Maddie at uni, otherwise, I’d just have a bit of a breakdown, eek.




This photo was from Christmas Day this year and I love it.

I love how my Aunty’s captured everyone’s natural expressions. The one part of the photo which makes me chuckle is my Grandma just popping up behind Mam looking like “oooh, what have they got?”, ha! I’m not sure what I’m smirking at though…probably a terrible Dad joke? Your guess is as good as mine!

Now, as you may know, this year has been really hard for my family. Really hard.

Losing Grandma was so unexpected for us all but like the family we are, we pulled through. I want to express my thanks to everyone who reached out to me and my family after I posted my blog about my beautiful Grandma. I would also like to say she was there in spirit on Christmas Day. How do I know? I won a few rounds of New Market and that has never happened before! She’s watching us!


Next year, my personal focus will be on my grandparents, Aunty and my (not so) little cousin Bradley. It’s been a really horrible year for my Aunty most of all. I won’t go into any details as I feel that’s a bit too personal for my blog BUT she rose above the situation and graduated university with a MASTERS DEGREE.

Proud is an understatement.


Nope. Not the TV show.

I count all my close friends as family. I love how if I have the tiniest problem they will help me no matter what. I only have a small unit of friends and that’s all I want, I always choose my friends wisely as you never know when they can become fake friends. Trust me, it’s happened before.




Personal goals for this year?

Look after me a tad more. I feel sometimes I let myself go a bit too much and then I don’t like the way I look or how I present myself to people.


Next year I will have to start looking for a job hopefully relating to my journalism degree, which means interviews. We do fifteen days worth of work experience at the end of this year so if it goes well, they may keep my details for when I leave uni, eek.


Sometimes uni and work can get on top of me a bit and I get really grumpy and moody with everyone. Josh and I usually go out for meals and go bowling which is our favourite place to be at the moment…don’t worry, I don’t think we’ll be reviewing the food there, ha!


I noticed at uni when I was a news editor, people were really slacking with their work and not reaching deadlines…I got a feeling that if I started showing my bossy side then they would be bitchy back so I just let it go. I need to be a bit bolder and forward with my peers sometimes so we can succeed together. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit bossy and controlling once in a while.


See you on Wednesday!

Lots of love,




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