Christmas Eve Traditions

On the twenty-second day of Blogmas, I give you my Christmas Eve traditions with the help from the blogging community!



I love Christmas Eve, even though both myself and my parents are at work for most of the day!

I love coming home and relaxing as I know the next day will be a bit hectic but FUN – especially since it’s the first year Josh will come with me to my grandparents’ house and celebrate with my crazy lot.

We usually snuggle down and watch Arthur Christmas before going to bed fairly early as it’s a busy day!


Zenobia‘s traditions are a tad different to mine!

Christmas is one of the most anticipated days of the entire year in our house.

Since my birthday falls in December we decorate my house a bit early so that it’s all lit up for my birthday.


This really helps in bringing the Christmas spirit into our house early.

Christmas Eve is a movie night.

We choose a Christmas themed movie and have a marathon for the rest of the night.

Plumcake, cookies and hot chocolate are on the menu. It truly is a wonderful night.


Tiffany Louise‘s traditions are quite similar to my family…

Confession: I’ve never watched The Nightmare Before Christmas, oops!

When I was younger, one of the big traditions for me was having Christmas Lunch at my grandparents’ house.

My sister and I would wake up Christmas morning, wait for my mum to wake up so we could open our presents.

Then it was off to the grandparents for Christmas Lunch and more present opening (which you couldn’t touch untilΒ everyoneΒ had finished)!


Now that I am older, my traditions start on Christmas Eve, with a takeaway and watching The Nightmare Before Christmas.

Then on Christmas Day, I would watch a Disney movie and Muppets Christmas Carol whilst full of turkey!


Katrina‘s traditions have changed over the years…

My Christmas Eve traditions have changed over the last few years.

It used to be a big night out with friends.

We would head to our favourite bars in Cardiff and spend the evening drinking, dancing and belting out Christmas classics at the top of our voices.

It would make it a little more difficult to get out of bed on Christmas morning!


As we got a bit older and started having our own families, this has now turned into a few drinks in our festive jumpers.

Myself and my partner moved home with our parents to save money for our house deposit, so the last few years have also meant we go to bed separately on Christmas Eve.

It is always exciting driving to see him on Christmas morning before spending time with both of our families.


What does Santa do when his elves misbehave?

He gives them the sack!

See you tomorrow my snuggly blankets!





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  1. December 22, 2018 / 10:23 pm

    What the heck is a plum cake? It sounds delicious!

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