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Christmas Pyjamas

On the twentieth day of Blogmas, check out my funky Christmas jammies collection!



I love this set, it’s so comfy!

I’ve been alternating between this pair and my Grinch pj’s for this month.

I can’t remember where these are from…might be Matalan, I’ll keep you updated.


These are Primark specials.

£11 for the set – I LOVE IT!

Also, sorry I look really tired in these photos…I’ve been an elf all week and have only had one day off and that was spent doing uni work, eek!

This nighty is actually Mam’s and it’s also from Primark!

They’re all so festive!


Not long until the big man himself arrives!

I’m so excited!


What do snowmen have for breakfast?


See you tomorrow my red robins!




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