Festive Catch Up Meal & Drinks

On the eighteenth day of Blogmas, find out what happened when I went out with Josh and our best friends, Will & Jake!


Yesterday was one of those days where I feel really happy and grateful for the friends I have, especially around Christmas time!


Josh and I met up with our best friends, Will and Jake for a little festive meal and catch up before Christmas. I think we’ll start making it a tradition as it was lovely!

We went to Stonegate Yard in town, which is actually where we all were exactly two years ago with work! How bizarre!

We all had delicious burgers and the dessert…doesn’t live up to the one at The White Horse but it’s up there!


We all exchanged gifts. Will got me a signed Tom Holland plaque, an R2D2 changing colour light and a cactus plushie…don’t ask, long story and not enough time, ha!


Jake got me a Malibu cocktail set and some bath bombs!

The night was filled with love, laughter and lots of drinks…well it is Christmas, isn’t it?


Here’s to the next festive catch-up!


What did Cinderella say when her photos didn’t come on time?

“One day my prints will come”!

See you tomorrow my lovely waffles!




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