Work Christmas Party Prep

On the fifteenth day of Blogmas, get ready with me while I prep for my work’s Christmas party!


My work’s Christmas meal is tonight!

I am going to trial run my outfit for Christmas Day, makeup and EVERYTHING.


I’m starting my prep by watching the Gavin & Stacey Christmas special with a Garnier facemask – I feel like I haven’t had a good pamper sesh in a while, so it’s needed.

Sadly I think my fringe era is coming to an end so I might have to do my good ol’ quiff tonight but it will be back in time for Chrimbo Day…hopefully.

I’m going to be wearing my sparkly bodysuit from my previous blog about party outfits and I’m going to pair it with my normal makeup look and save the sparkly look for Christmas Day.

I might add a festive headband for extra sparkly measure!

I am looking forward to the meal, I have a review blog going up tomorrow – which will be the first post under the Come Dine with Us category…except this one is just me!

We’ll be having a three-course meal at a local pub – we went there last year and it was lovely!


What goes “oh, oh, oh”?

Santa walking backwards!

See you tomorrow my little mince pies!




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