Chatty Christmas Day Skincare Prep

On the seventh day of Blogmas, I give you the best skincare routine for Christmas Day!


I know it may be a little bit early to talk about Christmas Day beauty prep BUT you could always practice before Santa arrives!

Before you start any kind of party prep, I want you to put on your favourite Christmas film.

Arthur Christmas, Home Alone or Love Actually are my faves but it’s your call.

The days running up to Christmas Day are very hectic so you just need an evening to chill – THIS IS ME TELLING YOU TOO.


Make yourself a hot chocolate…with all the trimmings, of course, grab your favourite snacks and snuggle into your blanket or duvet.


Get your favourite facemask and take fifteen minutes to chill because Christmas Day is going to be busy!


A typical Darby Christmas Day consists of presents at home, then chocolate for breakfast…well it is Christmas!

We usually go to my Mum’s side of the family in the morning and get presents there, Nana usually does a mini buffet to keep us going, ha!


In the late afternoon, we go to my Dad’s side of the family – this year will be a tad different as Josh is coming with us, ooh!

After your facemask, plan your outfit for the big day, get some style inspo here and find some complimenting make up looks here!


What’s Santa’s favourite pizza?

One that’s deep – pan, crisp and even!

See you tomorrow my shimmering sequins!




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