Ultimate Christmas Makeup Looks

On the fourth day of Blogmas, I give you the best make up looks for this party season!



I talk about this look a lot on my blog BUT it is a killer for a natural everyday glitzy look.


It goes with any outfit and if you add eyeliner, BAM!

*I’m hopeless at eyeliner so I never even attempt it!*

You can find the prices off all the products I use and where to find them in my blog from last month here!

I love my MAC Warm Neutral palette – it’s so universal and all the colours are so pretty.

For this look, I used the shade ‘Hey’ as a base colour and combined it with the shade ‘Dark Brew’ in my crease.

Along with my lower lash line, I used the shade ‘Dark Brew’ again and blended in the NYX Metallic Eyeliner in Copper to give the look some extra sparkle!


For my lashes, I used the Maybelline Lash SensationalΒ primer. I’ve found when you use this primer, it’s best to apply mascara straight away.

Β When I first started using this product, I would let it dry for a few seconds and my lashes would go clumpy which lookedΒ AWFUL.

For lashes, I used my trusty Benefit BADgal BANG! mascara. It;s best if you let this mascara dry for a few days when you first purchase it – it has a really wet formula and feels weird when you apply it.

For lips, you decide! I don’t usually use any lipstick or stains.

I just use good ol’ lip balm.



I bought Stila’s Magnificent Metals Glitter & Glow Liquid eyeshadow JUST FOR CHRISTMAS.


I love this shade ‘Molten Midnight‘.

This is such a great shade for going ‘out-out’ OR Christmas parties for a quick smokey eye.

It will go perfectly with my winter party outfit I mentioned yesterday!


Along the lower lash line, I used the shade ‘Dark Brew’ from my MAC Warm Neutral palette, along with NYX Metallic Eyeliner in ‘Gunmetal‘ – again to add some SPARKLE!

I should really just call this blog Niamh’s MAC palette SHRINE.


What’s a dog’s favourite Christmas carol?

Bark, the Herald angels sing!

See you tomorrow my mini marshmallows!




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