Center Parcs Winter Wonderland 2018

On the first day of Blogmas, I give you a full lowdown on my trip to Center Parcs Whinfell Forest!




On Monday, we checked in to our lodge at 3:30pm. You can get an earlier check in time but when you first arrive, it’s class to just have a wander around the village.


It’s very unusual for me to buy the first thing at Center Parcs…or anywhere for that matter, but I bought some Superdry sliders to wear for our pool days.



It is a must while at Center Parcs to have a special hot chocolate…it’s special because you’re on holiday, obviously! You can get a liqueur mixed in too but I never opt for that option.

While drinking my hot choc, I played pool with my Dad, who says he won…hmm, not too sure on that one!


I love Center Parcs at Christmas time, it’s the best! Especially when they have their Winter Wonderland feature. On the first night, we walked along the setup and it was perfect – they’ve made it very Instagram friendly since we last went!



On Tuesday morning, after Mam and Dad went for a run…on holiday…we had breakfast in our lodge. Pastries GALORE, my favourite!


For most of the day, we lounged about the swimming pool and went for a wander around the village shops for some early Christmas shopping and souvenirs.



On Wednesday, we played badminton which I always look forward too as I don’t get to play that often as I don’t think there is anywhere local to me that has a badminton court!



Wednesday and Sunday nights are firework nights throughout November and December!


The display is always spectacular and is always themed – this year it was the Nutcracker!


I FOUND OUT I GOT A 2:1 ON MY ESSAYΒ while sitting in the bar! I’m so happy – I love it when my hard work pays off!

After a couple of drinks at the bar, we went back to the lodge and popped a Crackle log on and had a picnic type tea!



Thursday is usually the day we just laze about as we’re completely knackered from the start of the week!

We spent another day at the swimming pool, which is a first as we usually only go once during our stay!

GUYS! I have found my new favourite Bella Italia pizza and mocktail – I even took Josh to Bella Italia for the first time (last week) as well…he loved it!


I had the stuffed crust Cotto pizza and I was well and truly STUFFED.

The mocktails above are Strawberry Lemonade and Orange and Spice! Both are UNDER 50 calories EACH!



Home time πŸ™


On our last day, we had breakfast at Sports Cafe which filled a hole until we got home! The sandwiches were MASSIVE!

We played pool for the day before going back to the car and leaving Center Parcs for another year!


Why was the turkey in the pop group?

Because he was the only one with drumsticks!

See you tomorrow my little elves!




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