Sanctuary Spa 1 Minute Daily Glow Mask

Hello my lovelies!

Today I’m testing out Sanctuary Spa’s new product which I was kindly sent a sample of!



Step 1: Applying the Mask


The formula of this mask was a bit unexpected – I thought it would be a smooth product but it has some sort of sugar crystals which when you apply the mask rub into your skin. The first step in the little booklet says to apply the mask to dry skin, which I did as you can see below! Can I just say the mask smells AMAZING!



Steps 2 & 3: Activating the Mask and Rinsing Off

To activate the mask, wet your hands and rub the mask in gently – not to rough otherwise it could hurt, waah! The water helps the trio of Vitamin C super fruits to work so you can get the perfect glow!


Finally, after applying the water, leave the mask on for just a minute and rinse off. Now, when I washed the mask off I used an exfoliating sponge and it seemed to help soak the mask into my skin a bit better, which I highly recommend but if you don’t fancy that, just rinse off as normal!

If you fancy giving this a try, you can find the mask here!


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  1. October 4, 2018 / 8:05 pm

    Anything that could give me a daily glow im all for!

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