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How are we all?

Today’s blog is going to be a chatty one!

Ooh! I managed to get my little mitts on one of ASOS’s limited make up boxes…FINALLY! I’m always too late with launches like this but I’m so happy I managed to snap one up!



My ASOS order has just arrived and I’m currently sat in my pajamas – it’s 9:13am.

Tomorrow is the first part of my 21st celebrations. I’ve chosen to go down the classy and simple route of having a meal with a group of friends and going for cocktails after (love me a good 2 – 4 – 1!).

To be honest with you, my skin is looking absolutely dreadful, waah. Typical, isn’t it? Even after I published my Back to School blog my skin was looking like it was on the mend but unfortunately no.

Thinking this evening and tomorrow morning will be dedicated to having a pamper sesh before all the partying begins!

Going back to my ASOS order – I am loving their rib bodysuits recently. I’ve now got two colours (khaki and black) and I won’t stop until I have the full collection, but I feel the light pink / peachy colour might look a bit strange on my skin tone but we’ll give it a go! (Another item from my order today will be featured in a blog coming soon – aka my 21st look!)




For once in my blogging life – I was quick to snap up one of these beauties! I’m always too late for these things and miss out big time.

The box is smaller than I thought it would be but hey ho! In total, you get five products which create a natural summer look.

I am quite excited to use their primer – when I did my ASOS make up review a while back they hadn’t released it yet.


First impressions of this tube are going well so far! The primer looks much bigger than any luxury make up brand and it’s really affordable too!

I have been sent the shade ‘BALANCED’ which is the only shade of their primer at the moment! The formula is light and you can’t even feel it when you put it on your eyelids – perfect!


Now, last time I bought an eyeliner from ASOS it really hurt when I was applying it to my eyes – however, this eyeliner is sooo smooth and the pigment is brill too!

The shade in the box is ‘GROUNDED’ – it’s a metallic brown and I love it! This shade will be perfect all year round – especially for shimmery smokey eyes!


Again, I’ve already have this mascara and if I remember correctly, I liked it. I like it, even more, today as I feel they’ve changed the formula of the product as this time there are fewer clumps than last time!

This mascara is in the shade ‘BOSSY’ – it curls, lengthens and fans out all your lashes – GOALS!


I must be the only beauty blogger who HATES light lipstick shades – especially nudes. I can never find the right shade for me and when I think I do – it turns out wrong and looks ridiculous.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the case again, waah. The lipstick included in this box was the shade ‘UNBRIDLED’ and it was really patchy when I applied it. I had to take it off straight after as it wasn’t the shade for me and the formula was awful which is a shame.

I haven’t taken a close up of my lips with this colour on because it looked horrendous…but you can kind of see it in the final look photo later.


The last product in the box was a finishing powder in the shade ‘JUST BREATHE’. This product does what it says on the tin – it sets your final make up perfectly!

No need for a setting spray – this little beauty will work just fine!

AND HERE IT IS, the final look!




Thank you so much for reading!

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  1. September 9, 2018 / 7:38 pm

    I didn’t even know that these ASOS boxes were a thing, but they look so interesting! I hope your 21st celebrations were fab! x

    Han | lifewithhan.blog

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