Back To School Prep!


Can you believe it’s September ALREADY? Where has the summer gone?

I’m sooooo ready to start wearing jumpers, c’mon Autumn – we’re ready for you! Unfortunately, with Autumn approaching, it does mean school, college and university are just around the corner…waah.

Here’s my guide to be the most prepared student EVER!





Eugh, the day before starting a new year at school is so daunting. I hated it, especially since I didn’t know what we’d be learning about in certain subjects so I couldn’t prep properly!

However, I could prep my skin so it was *hopefully* spot free and almost perfect so I could ace that first day back vibe.

To stop you from stressing about the following morning, take the evening before to have a pamper. You deserve it! I recommend using The Body Shop’s Mediterranean Almond Milk with Oats Instant Soothing Mask – it’s brill, I know the price tag is a bit hefty but if you use it every week, it’ll be worth the money!


It only takes 15 minutes on your face and does what it says on the tin – soothes instantly! I applied the mask with The Body Shop’s Facial Mask Brush which is a godsend for applying masks. Trust me, it’s worth the price tag!


Look at the result!

After washing the mask off, make sure your face is fully dry before the next step! Now, I have discovered the little miracle worker for getting rid of spots overnight…don’t worry, I got you. Let me introduce you to the Tea Tree and Witch Hazel Spot Wand. You’re welcome.


This clever pen has two gels – one for the day and one for the night. Apply the night side on any spots you feel will make a more noticeable appearance the morning after, and sleep!

One of my top tips is to get plenty of sleep the night before, you’ll thank me later honestly. You might not think it will be but the first day, heck WEEK, back is always the longest and most tiring because you’re getting back into the swing of things but hopefully, by the second week you’ll have your routine nailed and you’ll boss this year!



Get up with plenty of time to shower, get ready and to have breakfast.

After showering, apply a body butter so you’re skin is smooth and smells amazing all day! I have three samples of The Body Shop’s body yogurts – I’ll be using the Strawberry one in this blog!


Before applying your makeup, use a moisturizer to make sure your face is as smooth as possible so your make up is flawless!


For foundation and brows, I use my trusty Benefit products – their Hello Flawless foundation and most importantly a natural brow look…mainly because I haven’t mastered my brows just yet!

Next…eye shadow! I’m using the Barry M ‘In The Buff’ palette a lot recently as it’s giving off a lot of Autumnal and natural vibes – perfect for a back to school look! Pair it with Benefit’s Roller Lash and you’re winning!

For blush and highlight, I suggest using a light colour for both so you don’t go too overboard!


(Also sorry for the crappy videos – I’m experimenting so let me know how you feel about them!)


Sending you all the luck and love in the world, you got this. Go get ’em, tiger!

Thank you so much for reading!

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